It is very important that employers retain their top staff. The cost of replacing and up skilling and the risk of the new employee not being a match in culture and required skills is enough for a company to realise how important retention strategies are.

However, even with the best retention strategies, staff will eventually be looking for better opportunities as companies can’t always meet or know their expectations.

It is important to be on the lookout for signs that someone might be thinking of quitting, so that you could save the person should they be an asset to the company.

Generally employees who are thinking of resigning will display a couple of the below signs:


Private Phone Calls and Internet Use

When an employee suddenly needs to take private calls outside of the office, it is probably a recruiter calling! Or when you walk past an employee’s desk and they quickly minimize the screen they could be on a career portal website. Generally if an employee is suddenly using their cell phone more frequently during office hours it could be a tell-tale sign.

Spring cleaning

If an employee starts cleaning up their desk and office for no apparent reason, you should probably pay attention, especially if personal effects disappear such as family photo frames.

Change of dress code

If you notice an employee dressing up with extra attention being paid to grooming such as hair and makeup you can be rest assured it is for a reason with the top one probably being an interview.

Change of attitude

If you notice an obvious change in attitude with regards to engagement with colleagues, acceptance to decisions made by management, they get annoyed by things that were never a problem in the past and you notice a change in passion for the job and company.

Time out of office

Time and attendance trends might change with disengaged employees coming in late or leaving earlier than normal. They suddenly start taking their full lunch allocation and could even request time out of the office for personal reasons such as a doctor’s appointment, but this time being used for an interview.

Employees who have put themselves into the job market and are confident of a pending offer will show signs of decreased commitment to the job, you will notice a lack of enthusiasm and productivity will drop. These employees won’t want to participate in team socials and definitely won’t want to give up personal time to work overtime. The signs are always there, you just have to pay attention to avoid receiving the dreaded resignation letter.