“You’ll never have a product or price advantage again, they can be easily duplicated.
But a strong customer service culture can’t be copied” ~ Jerry Fritz

The festive season is upon us, which means people are spending money, so customer service is critical to maximize the benefit of this peak retail period. A strong customer service culture is based on how our customers feel towards you. The more you show you care about them, the more they’ll want to continue working with you.
Here are some tips and suggestions for ensuring that you’re treating your our clients well.

  1. Respond to Clients as Soon as Possible
    Speed is everything, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time-sensitive. Even if it’s not time-sensitive, at least let them know that you got their request and give them a timeline. Procrastination doesn’t help anyone; you’re going to have to reply eventually, so why not do it as soon as possible?
  2. Keep Clients Updated
    Even if you don’t have anything major to report, status updates and communication give clients reinforcement that you’re involved in their business. If you’re experiencing trouble with something, let them know immediately. It shows that you’re keeping them informed and that you have things under control.
  3. Go the Extra Mile
    If a client asks you to do something that truly won’t cost you a lot in time and income, you have the option of going the extra mile and doing it for them. Not only will this result in a happy client, it can also go a long way in terms of keeping you on their radar for future business.
  4. Fix Your Mistakes
    The quickest way to lose a client forever is not admitting that you are at fault and not fixing your own mistakes. Not taking responsibility or passing blame is a sure-fire way of gaining a bad business reputation. Take accountability for your actions.
  5. Listen to your Clients
    It’s important to listen to what your clients are communicating to you. Like, really listen!!!. Clients might be unfamiliar with certain terminologies, and what you think they mean might be different to what they actually mean. Listen to what their needs are, and then offer your suggestion on the best way to go about fulfilling their needs.
  6. Keep Your Promises
    If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it. It’s part of being a professional. If you need more time on something, you should let them know as soon as possible, not after you’ve already missed the deadline.
  7. Don’t Confuse Clients with Jargon
    Try to explain whatever the problem is as best as you can without making the client feel stupid. When proposing a solution, make sure you state it in terms they understand.
  8. Know Everything You Need to Know
    Keep yourself up-to-date with our industry and what is current in the world of work :so you are always ready to answer your clients’ questions. If you show signs that you don’t know your craft inside out, you run the risk of ruining your reputation with your client.
  9. Put Yourself in Their Shoes
    If you were in your clients’ shoes and were being treated the way you’re treating them, would you enjoy that experience? If yes, you’re doing a good job. If no, you probably want to do better. It’s important to constantly evaluate the way you communicate with others. Our profession is heavily reliant on communication skills.

Make sure that our clients feel that you value their business, by creating a strong customer service culture that simply can’t be copied.