It's Time to ResignThe saying goes “If you want loyalty, buy a dog”, yet many employees feel a real sense of loyalty to the companies they work for, even if it is not deserved and the job or environment is toxic for the employee.

A time may arise when it is in your benefit to rather look for alternative opportunities, and you need to be consciously aware when that time arrives. See please below some clear indicators that the time has arrived to resign!

Remaining stagnant?

If you are remaining in the same place over a number of years with regards to position, income, skills, accountability and qualifications you are actually regressing, as there will be others in your type of role progressing, which will be difficult for you to catch up to unless you make a change. So if your company is not assisting in progression of some form or other it might be time to look for an organisation that can help you grow.

Concerning Company?

The rumours start way before the formal communication or processes do, so keep an ear out for those stories about the company not being able to pay creditors, retrenchments or closing down concerns. Control your own future, put yourself into the job market voluntarily before being forced to.

Poor Management

The top reason year after year in numerous surveys to determine what the top reasons for resignations are often show it’s because of the manager the employee reports to. If you don’t respect your manager, he does not lead from the front, does not inspire or motivate you and especially if you don’t trust him you might be better off being managed by someone else.

You don’t love what you do

You are not expected to jump out of bed every day in excitement to get to work, but if you dread leaving your house every day you have to admit you don’t love your job. You spend 8 hours of every day at work so you might as well ensure you do something you have passion for. We suggest you find a career path that lights the fire in you.

No recognition received

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows the most important one being feeling valued and belonging, it is for this reason that receiving recognition for good work is so important to employees. If your achievements are never recognized you won’t be motivated to keep working so hard, so before you lose the work ethic and performance edge, maybe time to find a company with a culture of reward and recognition which most employers of choice would have in place.

There will always be a couple of things you wish you could change about your job or employer, but we suggest you only resign once you are sure the next company will better meet your realistic expectations.