The most respected and successful bosses often have a set of shared beliefs which encourage their employees to be loyal and in turn results in success for the company they represent.boss

Change must be welcomed

An ordinary boss would be someone who fears change as it creates complications, so they often stall any form of change even if much needed.

Great bosses embrace change as a catalyst for growth and success. They encourage the business and the employees to accept the world and hence the way business is done must always evolve. For this reason they will always be looking for ways to do things better.

Organizations are living things, not machines

A great boss understands that people are a company’s greatest asses and each person within a company have their own dreams and motivations for being there. The great boss inspires its people to use these driving factors to produce great results.

A standard boss implements procedures and policies that are rigid and forces a dynamic workforce to adhere to the same set of rules. They treat every staff member the same as you would a machine which does not

Management is a privilege

Average bosses want employees to follow their lead and rules which are normally very black and white and provide consequence for non-adherence. This type of management does not allow for flexibility, creativity or innovation.

Great bosses create a platform for employees to operate within and encourage employees to go beyond what is expected. A great boss expects employees to be proactive and take initiative, they empower,

All employees are important

A typical boss sees employees as inferior, untrustworthy and managed them as such. Only a select few key employees are entrusted and treated with respect as an individual and professional under this management style.

A great leader however treats every staff member as a valued employee, without the cleaner, administrator or delivery person the company would not run successfully and hence this great leader understands that and for this reason appreciates every employee and the role they play. A great leader knows they are only as good as the performance of every staff member under him so provides a positive environment to encourage performance.

Have fun while doing it

Average bosses believe people are paid to do a job and they probably expect their staff to hate their jobs. Whereas great bosses see work as something that should be enjoyable, and they try to create an environment where employees enjoy coming to. They endeavour to put people in jobs that make them happy.

What type of boss do you want to be?