What Makes a Good Manager

A manager isn’t just a manger, they should be a mentor and an inspiration to their team – someone that the team looks up too and strives to be like. However a good manager’s essential role is to build,direct and drive a team for the benefit of the organisation. A few of the most important points on being a good manager are; stay focused on motivating rather than intimidating their team, always have a strong intent on finding the right results and they need to listen to their team’s needs, to keep them happy and content in their job/position or within the organisation.

Good managers are essential to any successful organisation. A good manager is able to achieve a hardworking, productive and effective workforce that hits above its mass, in its performance.
Good managers attract exceptional staff and they make the organisation a preferred employer. Their staff are engaged, committed and ‘go the extra mile’. An operational manager isn’t harsh; they don’t command unreasonably, micromanage or instil fear.

They should be approachable, amicable and even compassionate. These managers lead teams of satisfied and happy employees. Statistics show that 1 in 5 employees say that trust is the most important component of an employee boss relationship. How you can gain this trust; is to have patience, listen to your employees, accept change as part of growth, compromise and follow through on goals and the promised striving for consistency and transparency.

When managers find that their employees aren’t fully engaged, the most common reason is that the employees have a strained relationship with their manager. Working on the strained relationship will almost guarantee that the employees will work harder. The best way to guide your team is to clearly advise them of your expectations, utilise their strengths,
work on their weaknesses and always be available to listen to your team’s needs. A no-go for a manager is reprimanding the employees in front of their peers, as this is embarrassing.
The manager should rather do this in private and keep their cool at all times. Don’t be the boss that makes their employees feel unappreciated and unmotivated; instead be a
mentor and someone that they look up too. It’s the manner in which managers manage people that separate the ordinary from the good and the exceptional.

Celebrate success – don’t just say it, show it!

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