YawnYes, it is that time of year again when there are so many different responsibility and expectations competing for your attention that it is very easy to get overwhelmed and even start to feel burned out. Between trying to balance social commitment with colleagues, clients and friends, shopping for Christmas gifts, holiday planning and work demands, it is easy to lose focus and drive in the office and unfortunately we run the risk of losing focus and becoming less productive.


The truth thought is that you ”audition” for your job every day. If you are able to continue to bring in new business, impress with fresh ideas, produce quality timeous work, and not get caught up in the holiday drama at work, your superiors will notice. Consistency, regardless of the season, does increase your employability as well as the opportunity for professional growth within the company.


This is also the ideal time to get caught up on those important but not crucial tasks as there is lower and fewer expectations from the preoccupied colleagues.


The first mistake we all make is to complicate everything be mulling over things in our heads. Write everything that is causing you to feel overwhelmed down and stop obsessing about it.

Once you have it on paper, categorise the items into urgent. Important and can wait until the New Year. It is important when you do this that you keep your goals for the week, month or year in mind to ensure that the urgent items is directly related to achieving the weekly goal, important is relating to the monthly goal and can wait is the rest.


The next thing to look at is whether these items should even be one your list. Is this your responsibility or are you able to delegate it to the other (yet relevant) person. And more importantly, should this item even be on my list or is it one of those ideas that seemed like a really good one at the time but really have no significance right now.


Don’t over-commit your time in order to try and please everyone. You do not have to attend every function or office party that you are invited to. Prioritize and balance your activities with your work obligations. It is acceptable to say no. Also avoid working on personal and work-related responsibilities at the same time. Quickly finalising the Christmas shopping online while listening in on a conference call could turn out to be more time consuming and stressful than focusing and completing one thing at a time.


The focus and commitment that you are able to invest in and maintain during the festive season will not only impress your superiors but also ensure that you start the New Year calm, relaxed and organised. You are able to hit the “New Year” road running without having to jump through hoops of incomplete tasks left over from the festive season.


In conclusion. Separate work time and play time. Be productive during office hours and don’t procrastinate. The festive season is a fun and glorious time, don’t let poor planning and over commitment allow you to feel overwhelmed and take away the beauty of the season.