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Kempston Recruitment believes that the key to deliver outstanding service is sourcing the best candidates.

With an organisations staff being a cornerstone to the success of any business, Kempston Recruitment aims to secure staff that are skilled, motivated and invested. We specialise in the movement of talent and hence focus on sourcing optimal skills to meet our client’s requirements, rather than limit our search for local candidates.

It is for this reason that we operate through a sophisticated candidate system, allowing us to build a formidable national database. We take great care in the screening and interviewing process to ensure we have a thorough understanding of our candidates’ experience, culture fit, driving factors and career aspirations. Our screening process includes conducting references and inherent verification checks to give us, and our clients confidence that the investment in the candidate will reap the desired value and culture fit.

Our team always aims to exceed client expectations by providing comprehensive, professional and competitive prices for human relations services.

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Kempston Employment Solutions specialise in employment solutions by providing adhoc hires at short notice, functional outsourcing and blue-collar workers i.e. drivers, van assistants, office and industrial cleaners, general workers, stock take staff, warehouse staff, manufacturers and cashiers to suit your short-term needs. This is a full package of payroll management including administration, payment, and problem-solving solutions for the client. Contact Kempston Employment Solutions today to find out more.